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“Hummingly’s got your back. Their information is critical for when it gets really tough - the cards are literally life changing."

Louise Scott, Australia, Community Recovery Expert

"These brilliant women have developed resources to explore and understand how to move through what is invariably a life-changing experience. Elizabeth and Jolie have vast experience as researchers, in NGOs and government, and first-hand experience of disasters. This makes for a powerful combination and such an asset."

Anne Leadbeater OAM, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Australia.

“These cards offer advice from disaster recovery professionals who have ‘been there’ many times over. These cards help you learn how to cope, how to plan, how to laugh, and how to cry; without beating yourself up.”

Mary Comerio, Professor of the Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley

“An innovative resource on disaster recovery leadership; voices from New Zealand and beyond."

Hon Helen Clarke - Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

“They’re short and to the point - just what’s needed when there’s so much going on and you don’t have energy or time in your life."

Larry Challis, Community Recovery Committee, Whittlesea, Australia

U.C. Berkeley get the boost they need after the sustained pressure of COVID

U.C. Berkeley get the boost they need after the sustained pressure of COVID

The Office of Emergency Management at Berkeley deal to the fatigue from prolonged and complex activations including responding to COVID-19.

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