Our Journey

Life can be challenging - how you manage it makes the difference. Take the hummingbird for example, if it is raining heavily and the weight of the rain is a burden to this tiniest of birds, it can shift its body and tail horizontally and reduce its wings’ angle of motion to minimise the load.

This is adaptability to deal with the changing stresses and uncertainties of life. This is resilience. This is Hummingly.
Hummingly is the creation of Elizabeth McNaughton and Jolie Wills, a duo who have worked in disaster recovery around the world for over fifteen years. They also led the recovery team during the Christchurch Earthquakes where they helped over 5,000 people. Among them were some of their own friends and family, making this experience deeply personal.

Realisation that helping one person, one community, one disaster at a time was no longer enough, lit the spark that became Hummingly. Elizabeth and Jolie set about creating easy to use resilience tools that people, communities and workplaces the world over could access.

These proven tools are based on Elizabeth and Jolie’s knowledge gained in real disaster and crisis situations; wisdom built on feedback from disaster survivors, witnessing their own disaster team suffer extreme stress and burnout in locations around the world, their background in cognitive psychology and a shared passion to prepare the world to do stress and uncertainty well.

Hummingly’s tools equip individuals to navigate through life’s challenges in their own way. Hummingly is now helping thousands of people and organisations both in New Zealand and around the world.

Our People

Elizabeth McNaughton - Director

B.A., M.Development Studies

Elizabeth will tell you, “My career has quite literally been a series of disasters.” She has worked in disasters around the globe and made it her mission to learn all she can about resilience and recovery so that she can bring that knowledge to helping others.

Elizabeth has worked for large aid agencies, led disaster recovery efforts, worked within government and has studied disaster leadership. She led multi-million-dollar recovery programmes for New Zealand Red Cross and was the Executive Director at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet leading work to create a learning legacy from the Canterbury earthquakes. Internationally, Elizabeth has worked for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in South Asia, the Maldives, the Philippines, and the Pacific. Her areas of interest are workforce resilience, strategy, leadership and design.

Jolie Wills - Director

B.Sc., M.Sc(Psyc).

Jolie has a Masters in Cognitive Psychology and is a leading psychosocial expert in disaster and disruption. She will tell you, “I didn’t come looking for disaster, it came looking for me.” In 2010, disaster came knocking on her door, or you could say gave it a good rattle. Jolie is a survivor of the Christchurch earthquake and has lived disaster recovery with her family first-hand. She developed services and training to help her fellow citizens for the Red Cross, local government and academia.

Jolie has studied how the mind works under prolonged pressure, how we make decisions and how our reactions and behaviours are impacted by stress. Jolie’s  areas of interest include workforce resilience and wellbeing, psychosocial recovery, behavioural change and leadership.

Kylie Nel – Brand & Marketing

Kylie graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Marketing

Kylie has a history of developing successful and sustainable campaigns and impact where it matters. Formerly Kylie managed the employer brand for Deloitte Australia. She brings her considerable expertise to McNaughton & Wills to head up our brand and marketing work. This South African-born New Zealander has global experience across professional consultancy, education and cultural sectors, providing a broad range of expertise from project management, product launch and integrated marketing campaign implementation.

Rochelle Berry - Research and Project Management

B.A.(Anthropology), B.A.Hons(International Relations)

Rochelle specialises in looking at the smaller details – her career has involved working as a researcher, policy advisor, editor and writer across a broad range of organisations and subject areas.

She has worked in disaster recovery programming and community engagement/accountability roles in New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur and the Pacific. This included developing cash grants for earthquake affected people following the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

Jane Edgar - Wellbeing & Resilience Workshop Facilitator

B.Sc., M.Sc.

Jane works with teams to reach peak performance under pressure. Jane has managed big programmes, budgets, teams, and expectations after disaster.

Jane’s life before disaster was as a hydrogeologist. From remote Australia to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, she planned, implemented and supervised a variety of small and large-scale potable and industrial water supply programmes and environmental monitoring programmes. Jane made the move from mining to the humanitarian sector in 2005 and worked as a Water and Sanitation (WASH) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) specialist in Asia and the Pacific. The Canterbury earthquakes called her back to her hometown where she oversaw multi-million dollar recovery programmes and cash grants.

John Dyer - Wellbeing & Resilience Workshop Facilitator


For over 30 years John has been leading and developing individuals and teams, enabling them to perform in often pressured environments. John has two decades of experience in crisis management in both the military and international humanitarian organisations. As well as being a facilitator and coach, John advises on safety, security and the resilience of personnel in stressful situations.

Jodine Power - Wellbeing & Resilience Workshop Facilitator

Jodine specialises in human resource, health, wellness and safety management. Her career has involved working in operations, human resources and health and safety in various industries, most recently civil engineering. Jodine is a qualified Personal Trainer and is passionate about establishing working environments that support and promote wellness and health practices.

Juliana Trolove - Designer/Illustrator

B.Com., Dip.Visual Communications

Juliana brings complex concepts to life through bespoke design and illustration. Her creativity and humour infuse her work so that her illustrations can range from profound, to uplifting, to belly-laugh prevoking.

Juliana Trolove graduated with a Marketing Degree from the University of Otago and followed her qualification with a Visual Communications Diploma. She taught graphic design for a number of years at Nelson Marlborough institute of Technology. Juliana headed up a graphic design company for 15 years.