Leadership under pressure

Right now, around the world, it’s game on—leaders are rising to the challenges of COVID – 19.

They can’t do this alone. Rising or falling depends on asking the right questions of the right people at the right time in the right way.

As a leader, the first questions you need to ask are of yourself. The right way to do this is with radical honesty and kindness, and the help of trusted people close to you.

Wellbeing in times of COVID-19

Organisations all over the world are planning how to support wellbeing, resilience and performance of its people through COVID-19. We are getting calls, LinkedIn shout-outs and text messages saying how helpful Hummingly’s Doing Well cards are in supporting the implementation of COVID-19 plans. 

 The Doing Well cards are a set of methods that supports wellbeing, resilience and performance in the workforce. The cards empower people to deal with stress, uncertainty and pressure.