Thank you is the powerful thing to be said at the moment

Thank you is the most powerful thing you can say as we farewell COVID-19 level 3 restrictions. Eldred Gilbert (mum to our Co-Founder Elizabeth) has 50 years of experience in nursing and leadership. She explains why thank-you is emotional, transactional and transformational.

Farewell COVID-19 Level 3 with a thank-you. Business balance sheets have taken a tumble and yet an investment of thank-you can take you further than you imagined. Thank-you is an essential glue in the behaviours and processes of acknowledgement, recognition and appreciation. The words thank-you are emotional, transactional and transformational.

Thank-you is such a small but powerful sentiment.  Many of us will remember with delight when our babies learnt “peas and ta” as the precursor to please and thank-you.  I am from a generation where “remember your manners” was the accompanying phrase that was a prelude to most activities.

Thank-yous are reciprocal in that when giving thanks you are more likely to receive thanks. Thank-yous are noticed, however a lack of thank-yous are noticed more.

Saying thank you can have a hugely positive effect when in the workplace, when used regularly it can consolidate the mission of what you are doing and create a positive working culture.

When we think about whether we should say thank you - there are some common mistakes we can make. Now is the time to recognise our thoughts and make a change if needed.

Yes, so much will never be the same, but some things can be better. We can form closer bonds and enrich our lives with gratitude and expressions of thank-you.

There has been so much sacrificed, so much change, so much good, so much continued productivity (when possible), and so much kindness. There is still so far to go but right now, we can start with saying thank-you in real and sustaining ways to our family, our friends, essential workers and our team members.

Author: This piece is contributed by Eldred Gilbert (Mum to our Co-Founder Elizabeth) who has 50 years of experience in nursing and leadership. She is also a life-time implementer of kindness and compassion.


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