Wellbeing, resilience & performance in times of COVID-19 

Organisations all over the world are planning how to support wellbeing, resilience and performance of its people through COVID-19. We are getting calls, LinkedIn shout-outs and text messages saying how helpful Hummingly’s Doing Well cards are in supporting the implementation of COVID-19 plans. 

 The Doing Well cards are a set of methods that supports wellbeing, resilience and performance in the workforce. The cards empower people to deal with stress, uncertainty and pressure. 

Hummingly have built the Doing Well cards on the back of 15 years of experience working in disasters and crises around the world. The Doing Well cards have been tested under the ultimate conditions of prolonged stress and uncertainty resulting in a product that is useful for all organisations.

The cards are divided into 6 sections. Each of the sections is designed to help you know what to focus on to get you through challenging times:

Stay connected when you’re under stress, working remotely or in isolation. Use the cards to put in place your own network of people who you can rely on to support your resilience, wellbeing and performance. 

Know it’s normal to feel wobbly in times of stress and uncertainty. Use the cards to access tips for tough times. 

Keeping physically active and well is part of building a healthy immune system. Use the cards to experiment with small, achievable changes.

If you’re working from home or in isolation in close proximity to others, managing emotions is important for keeping those relationships good.

Use the cards to make good decisions and keep perspective. 

Explore a range of ways to use the cards by yourself, in teams and at home to keep you well, resilient and performing when the pressure’s on. 


The Doing Well cards can be mailed directly to remote workers and customised to suit your company’s brand.