Moyne Shire Council responds to the COVID threat

Moyne Shire Council responds to the COVID threat

Moyne Shire Council were looking for ways to support their staff through COVID so they could continue their vital role supporting communities. Hummingly delivered mass disruption masterclasses and the practical Doing Well tool to sustain performance.

Outbreaks of COVID-19 have had significant impact on the Moyne region in rural South-West Victoria. Tourism – a key economic driver in the area – has taken a hit and many aspects of life and livelihoods are affected for local residents.  Moyne Shire Council staff play an essential role in supporting communities to deal with uncertainty and changing daily realities and in facilitating long term recovery. Council staff are managing their own COVID-altered realities, innovating to provide services, supporting communities – all over a prolonged period of time. This prolonged pressure is not without its impacts and council staff were keen to explore how to sustain themselves and their support to communities over time.

Hummingly ran a Leading Through Stress and Uncertainty Masterclass with the council recovery team, connecting them with wisdom from over 100 disaster and crisis leaders around the world. The entire staff team were then given access to the Mass Disruption: Some Knowns in the Unknown Masterclasses and the Doing Well tool to help them sustain their wellbeing and performance through time.

Running a series of masterclasses through all divisions of the council gave staff common tools, language and the understanding to tackle wellbeing during a time of mass disruption. This package of support left council staff feeling more prepared and confident to support communities through the long tail of COVID. Better understanding the typical impacts of mass disruption and proven pressure-tested strategies and tools gave a sense of relief and optimism – a real boost to the council teams at a tough time.

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