working well with disaster-affected people


To learn how to work effectively with disaster-affected people in the months and years that follow an event. This course will help you tailor your approach, build trust, manage expectations and communicate effectively with those affected by disaster.

Workshop design:

This experiential workshop is designed by a cognitive psychologist and disaster practitioners, based on scientific evidence and examples from different disasters.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to ensure quality services to disaster-affected people, from customer service, to planning, fund managers, to social service delivery.


Depending on your organisation’s needs, topics include:

  • The role of secondary stress. Understand how secondary stress impacts those affected by disaster.
  • The disaster-affected brain. Understand how the disaster-affected mind processes information differently.
  • Strategies for effective engagement. Explore strategies for working effectively with disaster-affected people and to avoid contributing to secondary stress.
  • Managing the emotional load. Learn strategies for coping with the cumulative load of difficult interactions.

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