Wellbeing and Resilience in the Workplace

Set your people up well for current and future challenges with the tools and strategies to cope, adapt and thrive in complex environments.

Workshops designed by experts:

All our workshops are designed by a cognitive psychologist and disaster practitioners who have conducted global research on effective strategies for enhancing peak performance and workforce wellbeing in times of stress and uncertainty. The course designers have led large teams in challenging environments and are the creators of the ground-breaking Doing Well system to support workplace resilience.


Depending on your organisation’s needs, topics include:

  • The science of stress and performance: Understand the positive and negative effects of stress on our decision-making, problem-solving, our body and the dynamics of a team.
  • Wellbeing at work: Learn about the factors that build or undermine wellbeing at work.
  • Wellbeing and resilience in action: Get practical and use proven methods to support personal and team wellbeing and resilience.

Workshop options:

Leadership under pressure

For leaders who want to prepare themselves to perform in times of uncertainty, challenge and crisis.

Team wellbeing and resilience

Defining, learning, practising and embedding wellbeing within your workplace.

Ready to build wellbeing and resilience?

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