Recovery Leadership


To learn how to lead a team to peak performance in difficult circumstances and maximise outcomes for disaster-affected people. 

Workshop design:

Hummingly have developed a framework that outlines the strategies, questions and supports that leaders need to lead well in recovery. Elizabeth McNaughton and Jolie Wills were recipients of two Winston Churchill Fellowships which allowed them to travel to disaster-affected countries to conduct research. Conversations with over 100 leaders laid the foundation for this course. 

Who is this workshop for?

This course is for anyone who finds themselves leading a team of people during the recovery phase after a disaster.


Depending on your organisation’s needs, topics include:

  • Understand the recovery context. Understand how leading in disaster recovery is different from business-as-usual.
  • Decision-making in recovery. Understand how to make ethical decisions in uncertain times and when facing difficult trade-offs.
  • Support your team to reach peak performance in challenging circumstances. Learn principles and strategies for supporting those working in disaster recovery to collectively meet your goals.
  • Tools for lasting the distance as a leader. Strengthen personal resilience through the creation of your own plan with strategies to help you ‘travel well’ and last the distance on the road to recovery.

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