First Fridays

Monthly performance habits


First Fridays

Make workplace connection and wellbeing a monthly ritual with ‘First Fridays’.

'First Fridays' is a leader’s secret weapon to sustained learning and support for your team.

Designed to make it easy for busy managers to have a powerful impact on their team’s wellbeing and performance.

Hummingly’s famous activities are now available as a series of six powerful team activities to strengthen team cohesion, performance and wellbeing. We call this program ‘First Fridays’ as we suggest hosting a session on the first Friday each month – or whatever day works for your organization. This creates a habit that bakes in learning, laughter and team cohesion.

Through these team activities, you and your team will learn to harness your individual and collective power to do well no matter what comes your way.

What’s included? 

  • Access to Hummingly’s online learning platform, a fun and interactive experience
  • Receive 45 min of Hummingly team activities every month for six months
  • Access to Hummingly community-only events. Ask questions and get advice from the experts themselves

Examples of ‘First Fridays’ included in annual subscription 

  • Wellbeing conversations activities to equip you for powerful conversations in 1:1 meetings, with peers and as a team. Activities are based on the 4Ls model which is the game-changing secret to better check-ins
  • Reframing activities are a powerful way to see situations differently and problem solve. Activities are based on reframing the negative narratives we create as individuals and teams. These are real morale boosters
  • Dealing with change takes emotional energy and hard work. These activities are based on 3 key tips for staying united when the pressure’s on and are a must for any team facing a change process
  • Deep listening, coaching and observation skills are essential to healthy team dynamics. The activity ‘the triad’ is an all-time crowd pleaser that has deep impact for how team members relate to and support each other.

‘First Fridays’ is scalable and simple for employers, and consistent and powerful for employees. The program is delivered as a series of six powerful team activities over six months. Price varies depending on the size of your organization. Please get in touch to discuss.