Live masterclasses - in person or virtual


Live masterclasses - in person or virtual

Get the live masterclass experience with our world-class facilitators

Our co-founders Elizabeth McNaughton and Jolie Wills were so sought-after, they found a ground-breaking way to package their experience into 'workshops-in-a-box'. This means they are more accessible and available to leaders ands teams, anywhere, anytime.

However, they continue to be available to facilitate live masterclasses for select audiences.

If you are looking for the live experience for your leaders and teams in any of the following areas:

  • Leading for wellbeing and performance - Audience: leaders. 
  • Leading through times of disruption - Audience: leaders. 
  • Working well under pressure: Resilience, wellbeing and performance - Audience: teams.
  • Leading in disaster recovery - Audience: leaders in agencies supporting disaster-affected communities.
  • Working well with disaster-affected people - Audience: those working to support disaster-affected community members

Get in touch for more information. They'd be happy to discuss your needs and assist your teams.