Hummingly End of Year Resilience Workshop

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Is the Hummingly "Leadership & Wellbeing" workshop right for your team or organisation in 2024? Come and test it out for yourself this October in Wellington, New Zealand. This workshop  helps individuals and teams strengthen their performance through an innovative toolkit of wellbeing and leadership strategies. Hard won leadership and wellbeing insights tested under the intense pressure of working in disasters are packaged into this workshop to prepare and support people no matter comes their way. 

When: 17th October | 9am - 12pm |

Venue: Wellington BNZ Partners Centre, Level 10, 1 Victoria Street, Wellington 

Workshop Details

Join us for an immersive 3-hour workshop that empowers you and your team to end the year on a high note. Experience this renowned workshop which has been tested with thousands of individuals and teams working through tough times around the world.

Benefit from the wisdom of our world-class facilitator

Elizabeth McNaughton is a master facilitator and disaster recovery expert.

  • 500+ workshops facilitated
  • Enhanced the performance of 1000s of leaders
  • Award-winning industry-recognized thought leader and co-author of Leading in Disaster Recovery a Companion through the Chaos
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