Christa Lopez

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Christa Lopez, PhD, CEM is a Senior Advisor at the firm CTEH. Prior to joining CTEH she spent over 25 years in the government and higher education sectors and has served in roles to support elected officials overseeing disaster recovery for the state. Christa worked for the State of Texas for 20 years. She was the director of the direct housing mission funded by FEMA but administered by the State, a first of its kind program, during Hurricane Harvey recovery. She is well known for experience in both FEMA funded and HUD funded programs.

Christa shares that 'being of service to others' has been her life motto and guiding mantra. Over the past several decades of professional work, Christa has focused on how her work can improve the lives of others. Whether it is advocating for those survivors of disasters, crisis, loss, or abuse, she looks for ways to connect others with resources and move forward with achievable solutions. Beyond professional work, Christa demonstrated her motto of service through decades of volunteer work as a park naturalist, in search & rescue, as a volunteer fire fighter/EMT-B, and in disaster response. Christa is a lifelong learner which shows in her educational history.

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