Combating health worker burnout and fatigue: Banyule Community Health

Combating health worker burnout and fatigue: Banyule Community Health

Leaders now have information and strategies to help them lead under pressure.

Banyule Community Health is a not-for-profit organization with 350 staff, providing health and welfare services across the north of Melbourne.

After a series of lockdowns, staff were exhausted from the impacts of the pandemic and providing health services within this challenging environment.

The Banyule Workplace Wellbeing Committee saw the need for additional resources to help implement their Workplace Wellbeing Program and to support executive leaders and team leaders who were carrying the workforce’s accumulated anxiety in the pandemic situation.

Banyule Community Health looked to Hummingly as a provider who would deliver not just a one-off workshop but a package of support they could tap into on an ongoing basis and integrate into organizational culture.

Hummingly provided Leading Through Prolonged Pressure masterclasses to the General Management Team and to the team leaders to both address the pressure that leaders were under and to help them support their teams. 

The workshops provided a much-needed boost when leaders were tired and the Omicron wave of the pandemic was really hitting. 

The masterclasses were followed by the distribution of Hummingly Doing Well cards to all staff and posting Wellbeing Snack Videos on the Banyule Community Health intranet. The embedded use of the Hummingly resources have helped the Banyule Community Health Wellbeing Team achieve a cultural shift in prioritizing wellbeing across the organisation. 

Josephine Southwell, Workplace Wellbeing, Inclusion and Diversity lead says that the Doing Well cards enable teams to work together and support each other in a really practical way. 

“Jolie and the Hummingly Team delivered in spades to our leadership team. The session content was very practical, informative and hopeful – delivered online by Jolie with compassion, humor and attention to detail. The decks of Doing Well cards have been very well received and are creating a positive buzz across Banyule Community Health at a time when everyone is fatigued by the endless challenges of the pandemic.” – Josephine Southwell, Workplace Wellbeing, Inclusion and Diversity lead

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