Just the thing for leaders at their annual leadership retreat

Just the thing for leaders at their annual leadership retreat

The leaders in finance and administration from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia gathered for their annual leadership retreat. They were looking for a session that both provided leadership development and an engaging, interactive experience. Hummingly’s Leading for Wellbeing & Performance Under Pressure ‘workshop in a box’ really fit the bill.

The ’workshop in a box’ delivery method was a new experience – one that was thoroughly enjoyed and embraced by the group.

Janice MacInnis, Manager, Organizational Health shares her reflections on the ‘workshop in a box’ and how it was received by their leaders.

“Group engagement is obviously a priority and the ‘workshop in a box’ is clearly arranged to get people reflecting, talking, moving around, and thinking about what they need to do going forward.

I also appreciated the attractive and organized materials, the videos ready to go at a click, and the care that went in to pulling it all together. It really is designed to just make it happen.

The rubber chicken to signal the end of discussion times was a big hit. It brought a chuckle, kept us to time and helped ease us from one conversation to the next throughout the session. The group enjoyed the structured design and quickly got into the habit of checking the instructions on the screen or tracking how much time was left on the counter through their activities - a truly engaging experience. My thanks to everyone who contributed.”


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