Navigating fast-paced change in service of an important mission

Navigating fast-paced change in service of an important mission

In the fast-paced world of tech startups, TrustLab found itself navigating the delicate balance between impact, innovation, and maintaining well-being. As a four-year-old startup dedicated to creating a healthy and safe internet, TrustLab faced challenges inherent in startup culture. Natasha Wright, Director of Business Operations, sought support from Hummingly.

TrustLab encountered three main challenges. Firstly, as a startup, the need for rapid pivots and constant flexibility placed significant demands on their team. Secondly, the deep dedication of their employees to keeping the internet safe was evident. Lastly, a recent restructuring prompted a desire to redefine their culture and foster mutual support to address evolving demands.

Hummingly answered the call and ran an interactive workshop with the Trustlab team at their annual all-team gathering. The workshop aimed to provide the tools to set the team up to tackle big, hard, and meaningful things in service of their vital mission – to make the internet a safer place.

One powerful concept introduced prior to the workshop was the metaphor of "big rocks and pebbles," emphasizing the importance of prioritizing impactful tasks amidst daily obligations. During the workshop with Hummingly, TrustLab delved deeper into strategies for managing stress and effective task prioritization. Natasha praised Jolie as a masterful facilitator, guiding their team through tough conversations.

Looking ahead, TrustLab is focused on creating a supportive culture where everyone can thrive. They are committed to prioritizing well-being and resilience and finding ways to support each other. For example, the workshop led to TrustLab implementing a wellness meter template for one-on-one meetings between team members and their leaders. 

“Initiatives like Hummingly offer vital tools to help folks keep up with the crazy speed of innovation in the start-up world while also looking out for the human side of things.” - Natasha Wright

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