Wellbeing through prolonged stress

Wellbeing through prolonged stress

The teams at the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (Victoria Government) find themselves face to face with the impacts of fire recovery year after year, with community after community.

The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action recognizes how tough wildfire recovery is for their people. This work is both rewarding and inherently challenging. DEECA values the contributions their staff make to communities and to emergency management and is working to proactively support those working in these difficult conditions.

Recovery Wellbeing work with Victoria's Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action

Hummingly chipped in with support strategies, research and experience to co-create a wellbeing resource hub for DEECA's staff. Jolie Wills, Hummingly’s cognitive scientist, filmed a series of videos sharing her expertise, research and key insights to give DEECA staff a boost and the tools they need to do the tough stuff well. The hub has been well received and has won two awards including the Living the Values awards. 

Hummingly has since partnered with DEECA to run Leading through Prolonged Pressure and Recovery Leadership masterclasses with leaders and to provide wellbeing solutions designed for the pressured environments their teams face. Hummingly's workshops and resources are known through the organization for being practical and effective. As a result, a couple of years on, they are still in frequent use by leaders, teams and individuals and remain in high demand.

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