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Interactive workshops designed specifically for your organization and delivered by our CEO and world-class facilitator Jolie Wills.

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Facilitated training
Leading Under Pressure
Leading Under Pressure Sale price$0.00 Equip leaders with actionable insights and pressure-tested practices for leading teams to peak performance under pressure.
Facilitated training
Working well under pressure
Working well under pressure Sale price$0.00 Interactive workshops designed for the needs of your team, featuring world-class facilitation and resources. Set your teams up to do big, hard and meaningful things, and grow in the process.
Facilitated training Disaster
Recovery leadership
Recovery leadership Sale price$0.00 A masterclass in recovery leadership including 'what I wished I'd known' from 100+ recovery leaders.
Facilitated training Disaster
Recovery foundations
Recovery foundations Sale price$0.00 Build the recovery knowledge and skills needed to improve outcomes for disaster-affected communities.
Facilitated training Disaster
Supporting the supporters
Supporting the supporters Sale price$0.00 Support and sustain those with critical roles after disaster - from leaders to the frontline.
Facilitated training Disaster
Disastrous Dinner with a Difference
Disastrous Dinner with a Difference Sale price$0.00 Curated conversations to empower disaster-impacted community members