Acey Holmes

Acey Holmes

Acey Holmes, with her vibrant energy and engaging style, infuses workplaces with a sense of joy and connection. As both a TEDx and 3x DisruptHR speaker, she shares innovative strategies that intertwine the pillars with Play and flow, enhancing workplace dynamics and personal satisfaction.

Her unique blend of experience in the educational and clinical (speech-language pathology) fields, coupled with a deep understanding of Play, flow, and neuroscience, enables Acey to translate intricate concepts into relatable narratives. Her sessions are dynamic, offering practical tools for integrating Play and the pillars into daily work life, fostering an atmosphere where creativity and collaboration thrive.

In her role as a consultant, Acey has made a lasting impact on numerous organizations, nurturing creative thinking and deepening connections. Her tailor-made programs are infused with evidence-based practices that not only bolster team morale and connectivity but also encourage a reimagining of workplace culture, positioning BoredLess as a key partner for those looking to breathe new life into their corporate environments.

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