Disaster recovery made easier

Disaster recovery is hard, but thanks to Hummingly's training and resources, recovery can be made easier with the learning of others who have been there before.

Equip recovery leaders

A tough role made easier with the insights from 100+ recovery leaders.

Sustain the supporters

Prevent burnout and sustain those with a vital but heavy role.

Support communities

Best practices for working with disaster affected communities.

Empower communities

Access to recovery knowledge from those who have 'been there'.

Training and resources to help recovery

Select from packaged-up options to make recovery easier for communities and for those working to support recovery.

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Card Pack
Doing Well card deckDoing Well card deck
Doing Well card deck Sale price$49.00 The Doing Well is a tool to help individuals, teams and organizations manage stress and prevent burnout.
Card Pack Disaster
Cards for CalamityCards for Calamity
Cards for Calamity Sale price$39.00 The Cards for Calamity help you navigate the weeks, months and years after disaster to come out of a disaster the best you can.
Facilitated training Disaster
Disastrous Dinner with a Difference
Disastrous Dinner with a Difference Sale price$0.00 Curated conversations to empower disaster-impacted community members
Facilitated training Disaster
Recovery foundations
Recovery foundations Sale price$0.00 Build the recovery knowledge and skills needed to improve outcomes for disaster-affected communities.
Facilitated training Disaster
Recovery leadership
Recovery leadership Sale price$0.00 A masterclass in recovery leadership including 'what I wished I'd known' from 100+ recovery leaders.
Facilitated training Disaster
Supporting the supporters
Supporting the supporters Sale price$0.00 Support and sustain those with critical roles after disaster - from leaders to the frontline.
Video Series
Wellbeing Snack Videos
Wellbeing Snack Videos Sale price$1,999.00 A menu of 'snack-sized' videos to support wellbeing under pressure.
These cards offer advice from disaster recovery professionals who have 'been there' many times over.

Mary Comerio, Professor of the Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley

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The cards for calamity are terrific. They're just what's needed to guide you through the multitude of decisions and challenges when there's so much going on and you don't have energy or time.

Kerry Clarke, Community Recovery Committee

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Meet our CEO

Jolie Wills


Jolie has a Masters in Cognitive Psychology and is a leading psychosocial expert in disaster and disruption. Jolie has studied how the mind works under prolonged pressure, how we make decisions and how our reactions and behaviors are impacted by stress. Jolie is a survivor of the Christchurch earthquakes and has lived disaster recovery with her family first-hand. She led the psychosocial recovery program for New Zealand Red Cross in response to the earthquakes and has supported those working in disasters around the world. Jolie is a Winston Churchill fellowship recipient, a Leadership New Zealand alumna, an Edmund Hillary Fellow, a co-author of Leading in Disaster Recovery: A Companion through the Chaos and is an advising member to the global Counter Terrorism Prevention Network.

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U.C. Berkeley get the boost they need after the sustained pressure of COVID

The Office of Emergency Management at Berkeley deal to the fatigue from prolonged and complex activations including responding to COVID-19.

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Nationwide roll-out of Cards for Calamity to support disaster recovery

Every year, wildfires threaten lives, damage homes and livelihoods in Australia. Following wildfires, communities in Australia are left facing a long, often complicated and exhausting road ahead as...

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The record no one wants

The State Emergency Operations Center in the State of Minnesota had a record-breaking 475-day activation for COVID - plus other events and emergencies layered on top. 

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