Doing Well card deck

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The Doing Well card deck is an effective tool to help individuals, teams and organizations manage stress and disruption. Featuring 100 cards based on research from over 100 international crisis leaders, this deck will equip you with the skills to cope with pressure, prevent burnout and create a 20-minute resilience plan. Get a deck for each of your team members with bulk discounts available. Each card in the deck features a strategy to help you understand, identify, and cope with stress and disruptions.

This makes the Doing Well card deck a go-to resource for individuals, teams, and organizations who want to optimize success and stay productive even in tough times.

Bulk discounts and co-branding opportunities available for organizations looking to support performance, resilience and wellbeing at scale.

I love the Doing Well cards! I find the tactile nature of the cards really engaging. It's a powerful tool that helps the team support each other.


How to use your Doing Well Cards

Health workers under pressure: Task Force for Global Health

Health workers under pressure: Task Force for Global Health

The Task Force for Global Health were alarmed by the serious effects of stress, burnout, and moral distress among field epidemiologists while dealing to the health challenges of COVID-19. Hummingly...