Achieve meaningful things when the pressure is on

The trusted training and tools that leaders and organizations use to achieve big, hard and meaningful things when the pressure is on. Specialist knowledge forged from decades in disasters and insights from cognitive science, packaged up for you.

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Optimizing Team Cohesion and Wellbeing - 'workshop in a box'
Optimizing Team Cohesion and Wellbeing - 'workshop in a box' Sale price$1,999.00 Set your team up to perform and stay well under pressure and to pull together to do great things.
Leading for Wellbeing and Performance Under Pressure - 'workshop in a box'
Leading for Wellbeing and Performance Under Pressure - 'workshop in a box' Sale price$1,999.00 Develop the leadership toolkit needed to lead teams to achieve big things under pressure, without burning them out.
Extender Pack Workshop-in-a-box
Workshop-in-a-box extender pack
Workshop-in-a-box extender pack Sale price$499.00 Easily cater for any number of workshop-in-a-box participants, or run additional workshops, with our Extender Pack.
Card Pack
Doing Well card deckDoing Well card deck
Doing Well card deck Sale price$49.00 The Doing Well is a tool to help individuals, teams and organizations manage stress and prevent burnout.
Card Pack Disaster
Cards for CalamityCards for Calamity
Cards for Calamity Sale price$39.00 The Cards for Calamity help you navigate the weeks, months and years after disaster to come out of a disaster the best you can.
Video Series
Wellbeing Snack Videos
Wellbeing Snack Videos Sale price$2,499.00 A menu of 'snack-sized' videos to support wellbeing under pressure.
Facilitated training
Leading Under Pressure
Leading Under Pressure Sale price$0.00 Equip leaders with actionable insights and pressure-tested practices for leading teams to peak performance under pressure.
Facilitated training
Working well under pressure
Working well under pressure Sale price$0.00 Interactive workshops designed for the needs of your team, featuring world-class facilitation and resources. Set your teams up to do big, hard and meaningful things, and grow in the process.
Facilitated training Disaster
Recovery leadership
Recovery leadership Sale price$0.00 A masterclass in recovery leadership including 'what I wished I'd known' from 100+ recovery leaders.
Facilitated training Disaster
Recovery foundations
Recovery foundations Sale price$0.00 Build the recovery knowledge and skills needed to improve outcomes for disaster-affected communities.
Facilitated training Disaster
Supporting the supporters
Supporting the supporters Sale price$0.00 Support and sustain those with critical roles after disaster - from leaders to the frontline.
Facilitated training Disaster
Disastrous Dinner with a Difference
Disastrous Dinner with a Difference Sale price$0.00 Curated conversations to empower disaster-impacted community members