Leading for Wellbeing and Performance Under Pressure - 20 Person 'Workshop in a Box'

Lead with confidence when the pressure's on with Hummingly's Leading for Wellbeing and Performance Under Pressure 'workshop in a box'. This 'workshop in a box' helps banish burnout, tackle turnover, and improve leadership decisions with insights from crisis leaders, pressure-tested strategies, and a leadership toolkit to be applied immediately. For people managers and leaders, gain access to the Doing Well cards to spark conversations, build resilience, and boost confidence. Hummingly provides expert advice and guidance from top industry leaders to help develop your leadership style and gain the knowledge needed to lead through times of pressure.

This 'workshop in a box' caters for 20 participants as a base. Easily scale up your workshop size with 'additional participant packs'. Or get in touch to explore how easy it is to develop your leaders with an organisation-wide roll out.

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of employees now report they feel less connected to their co-workers

Harvard Business Review


of employees report signs of burnout

McKinsey & Company

Unleash cohesive, high performing, teams in times of stress

Leverage world-leading experts to get you there

Meet your facilitators

Elizabeth McNaughton and Jolie Wills are masters of leading teams in high stress environments forged in 25 major disasters.

  • Enhanced the performance of 1000s of leaders
  • 1000+ workshops facilitated
  • Award-winning industry-recognized thought leaders
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Our ‘Workshop in a Box’ delivers


Specialized content delivered by world-class experts and sought-after facilitators


Unique activities that drive powerful team interactions and discussions


Delivering profound individual ‘aha’ moments to spark change

Sutained Action

Practical plans and tools to implement and keep insights alive

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How it works

What participants are saying

Dr Regardt Ferreira - Director Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy, Tulane University

Masterfully designed

"Hummingly's innovative tools and training grew out of the lived experience of working in emergencies. They are grounded in science and are masterfully designed. This is what makes them so powerful."

Jenny Busing - Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Excellent

Our team loved it!

"Easiest workshop I've ever run. So helpful that all the supplies and expertise were packaged up in one workshop box. I wasn't sure how videos would work but it was a fantastic experience and our team loved it. We can't wait to do more!"

Linda Jenkinson - CEO, Level Up (1st woman CEO to list on the NASDAQ)

100% would recommend to others

"A room full of CEOs have very high standards and the 'workshop in a box' blew their expectations. 100% said they would recommend to others."

Michelle Sharp - CEO, UNICEF New Zealand

It changed the game!

"Our leaders left the workshop with direction, hope and practical strategies for leading in this new world. It changed the game for us."

Alex McNaughten - CEO, Aprento

Genuinely an amazing achievement!

"I came in super cynical - there's no way you're going to get us to collaborate without having a facilitator in the room. But it was awesome! Genuinely an amazing achievement!"

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