Supporting the supporters

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Support and sustain those with critical roles after disaster - from leaders to the frontline. Minimize burnout, turnover, loss of perspective, impaired decision-making and the flow-on impacts that hinder community recovery. Instead set your essential people up to do well, sustain their work, grow through the process and have maximum positive impact with communities.

Know and manage the risks

Dive into the global research outlining the risks to those with recovery roles. Gain awareness of the impacts to individuals, teams, organizations and communities in the absence of intentional strategies to protect from harm and to promote growth.

A toolkit of wellbeing strategies designed for the specific challenges of disaster

Apply practical wellbeing practices and tools that are designed to be effective under prolonged pressure. Explore pressure-tested approaches that help cut through the many barriers to self-care in an overwhelming environment.

Build a protective wellbeing plan

Protect from burnout and harm with an intentional plan that is achievable despite the challenging context of disaster.

A recipe for supporting peers

Equip tired teams with strategies for understanding and supporting peers under pressure.

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